14trailer with interior walls and drywall 2Please find a link to purchase the plans for Version.2 below.

These plans provide eighty pages of 2d and 3d drawings, including elevations, floor plans, electrical plans, a material list, and a manual. Please note that these plans are meant for metal stud framing for the exterior walls, although an example of how they can be revised for wood studs is included. We rate these plans intermediate to advanced.

This house has being built anywhere from six to a dozen times (we’re not quite sure how many are out there), including one of our favorites, the Chemical Free Tiny House, which has great information about non-toxic materials and finishes!

Please note, we are not offering plans of version.3, as the design is very specialised to the VIP panels, which are cost prohibitive currently.


$150.00 CAD plus tax (5%)


Please view sample pages of the plans below for an idea of what kind of drawings are provided.