Much of my inspiration came from the time I spent as a kid on Hornby Island, on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Inside of Leaf House

Lloyd House, a particularly artistic builder, practiced his wares on the island, creating the community center and a number of unique and beautiful homes in the style of the Pacific coast.

One of the most magical of these buildings is the Leaf House. It is a whimsical and airy cabin, seemingly balanced precariously on one driftwood beam. In my mind, the leaf house epitomizes the creativity of the owner-built home. When we look at building beyond the conventional norms – beyond stick framing and vinyl siding, and beyond the speculation and greed of the real estate market, we end up with creative shelter like the Leaf House.

Hornby Island Leaf House
Leaf House, Hornby Island, British Columbia, Coast Salish Territory

To me, builders such as Lloyd House provide the greatest source of inspiration for my involvement in the tiny house movement. Similar to the natural building movement, tiny houses represent much more than just a unique approach to living.