What size are your tiny houses?

The tiny houses are measured based on the length of the the trailer (and thus the length of the building). We build anywhere from 12′ to 38′ in length. More recently we’ve being experimenting with wider units (up to 10.5′ or even 12′ wide).

What to they typically weigh?

The tiny houses typically weigh anywhere from 5,000lb (on the very light side) to 20,000 lb (on the heavy side). The objective of Version.3 was to weigh as little as possible. It was just over 5,000lb, which is pretty impressive considering the trailer weighs about 1300lb alone. You usually need a fairly hefty truck to pull a tiny house around, and given the weight and aerodynamics it’s typically not recommended to drive them vast distances, unless you are prepared to burn a little fuel.

How long do they take to build?

The most common misconception about tiny houses is that they will take a short amount of time (because they are tiny) to build. It’s not uncommon to run into people who are building their first tiny house who think that they will be able to complete the project in a couple months, yet the project ends up taking a year or two. While it is certainly possible to build a tiny house quickly, it can take me anywhere from 4-6 months working full-time on a project to bring it to completion. A tiny house may be small, but it has the same number of steps as a typical house. In some ways the size complicates and slows down certain tasks.

How much do they cost? 

Typically a tiny house in the Yukon, which should feature triple pane windows and a fairly high insulation level should cost around $30-$40K in materials and systems alone. If you are prepared to salvage and take advantage of used materials you may be able to bring that cost down by half. Don’t forget that a decent trailer may cost anywhere from $5K-8K, and that’s before you’ve even started. This is one of the other biggest misconception about tiny houses that I run into. They can be very affordable, but more generally the costs can get close to $60 or even $90K fairly quickly, especially if you are hiring a carpenter at fair wages to complete the build for you.

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